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Arxan confirms Apperian acquisition

Mobile application management vendor Apperian will operate as a subsidiary of Arxan Technologies following its acquisition.

The companies today announced the deal, which SearchMobileComputing reported last week. Arxan, a security and management provider for mobile and internet of things apps, did not disclose terms of the Apperian acquisition.

“Apperian will operate as an autonomous group as part of Arxan and your day-to-day interactions with us and our team should not change,” president and general manager Mark Lorion wrote in a letter to customers.

Apperian also sold off a segment dedicated to security products for government clients last summer, Lorion told Xconomy. He did not name the buyer.

“One of the things we’ve realized over time is in the enterprise mobility space, more and more of the buying decision has been focused on security,” he told the website.

Lorion, who served as Apperian’s chief marketing officer since 2012, will lead the Boston-based company going forward. He assumed the role following the December departure of former CEO Brian Day. Day handled the acquisition process with Arxan and then left because he didn’t “really want to be a president of a division of another company,” he told BostInno.

Mobile application management (MAM) allows IT to secure and control users’ mobile apps and the data they access. In the years since Apperian introduced MAM to the industry, larger vendors developed or acquired their own MAM capabilities and added them to their enterprise mobility management suites. The investment in MAM from larger vendors validates Apperian’s approach to enterprise mobility, said Eric Klein, director of mobile software at VDC Research Group in Natick, Mass.

Additionally, Arxan and Apperian don’t have a large overlap in target markets, which gives them the opportunity to sell to each other’s customer bases, Klein said.

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