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Apple iOS 11 Mail app bug hits business users hard

By Priyanka Ketkar and Kelly Stewart, Editors

Early adopters of Apple iOS 11 are unable to send Microsoft-provided email using the native Mail app.

Apple and Microsoft both issued statements yesterday, the official launch date of the new operating system, acknowledging the iOS 11 Mail app problem. It affects, Office 365 and Exchange 2016 running on Windows Server 2016. Many businesses rely on Exchange and Office 365 for email.

In its statement, Apple said it is working with Microsoft to fix the iOS 11 email problem in an upcoming software update. The issue occurs because the operating system does not successfully create an HTTP/2 Transport Layer Security connection, which prohibits outgoing email from being delivered, according to The Essential Exchange blog.

Many users expressed outrage on a Reddit thread about the issue, especially amidst reports that Apple knew — or at least should have known — about it dating back to July, when beta testers first ran into problems sending Microsoft email through the iOS 11 Mail app.

Microsoft’s statement went so far as to state that the iOS 11 Mail app is not compatible with, Office 365 or Exchange 2016 on Windows Server 2016. The company offered two different workarounds: users can download its Outlook iOS app, which is compatible with these services, or IT administrators can disable HTTP/2 in Windows Server 2016 to fix the problem with Exchange 2016 accounts.