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What if your mobile cloud app is great, but your company isn't?

You’ve poured your heart and soul into a cloud-based mobile application development project. Thanks to APIs, Internet of Things, and the newest breed of development tools it works flawlessly and looks great. But, how do you react when the curtain is pulled back and the corporation behind your lovingly crafted app fails miserably in areas beyond your control, such as providing customer support?

When I recently needed to have a printer serviced, the first place I turned to for information was the company’s good-looking, well-regarded, easy-to-navigate mobile app. I’ve used it many times for accessing files residing on my home network’s NAS and printing them on printers connected either by Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. Works like a charm. The app can also query this manufacturer’s printers, report remaining levels of consumables, and even initiate an order to buy. Pretty handy and darn clever.

Not only is the app a nicely designed and implemented bit of software, it’s essentially the public face of this vendor. Your app should be no different.

Unfortunately, the app was useless for finding a local repair depot. Even worse, the company’s website was no better. The dropdowns where I selected my printer type (color laser) and model were confusing and obscured the map. And it not could find anyplace that could repair my product, just four years old. Pretty darn pathetic. As a last resort, I called the displayed phone number. After 22 minutes, most of which I was kept on hold, a “nearby” repair depot was found. In Arizona. I live in Boston.

My point is that there’s more to a company than the image of its online presence. You can build gorgeous apps that work beautifully. Your IT department can be behind you all the way. You can have at your disposal the latest tools for development, quality assurance, and deployment. Development might even occur on a robust platform as a service with production on a top-tier cloud service provider. And none of that may be good enough.

What does this means for your quality of work life? Can you still be proud of your work or might this be the sort of thing that spurs you to find a new opportunity? Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all — you just grin and deposit the paycheck.

Tell us about the quality of your work life and the company behind the app. We’d like to hear from you.