• July 23, 2007 23 Jul'07

    The IT Guy: Mobility -- It's a beach

    In this episode of "The IT Guy," a mobile worker finds that his many devices (wireless laptop, glare-free screen and PDA) don't guarantee a seamless outdoor work experience when Mother Nature has her way.  Continue Reading

  • July 18, 2007 18 Jul'07

    BlackBerry troubleshooting, support boosted

    BlackBerry troubleshooting tools from Zenprise can ease mean time to resolution for mobile device issues.  Continue Reading

  • July 17, 2007 17 Jul'07

    Short Message Service (SMS)

    SMS (Short Message Service) is a service for sending short messages of up to 160 characters (224 characters if using a 5-bit mode) to mobile devices, including cell phones, smart phones and PDAs... (Continued)  Continue Reading

  • July 17, 2007 17 Jul'07


    A pager is a small telecommunications device that receives (and, in some cases, transmits) alert signals and/or short messages.  Continue Reading

  • July 17, 2007 17 Jul'07

    short message service center (SMSC)

    A short message service center (SMSC) is the portion of a wireless network that handles SMS operations, such as routing, forwarding and storing incoming text messages on their way to desired endpoints...(Continued)  Continue Reading

  • July 17, 2007 17 Jul'07

    SMS gateway

    An SMS gateway is a website that allows users to send SMS messages from a web browser to people within the cell served by that gateway. An SMS gateway can also serve as an international gateway for users with roaming capability, allowing SMS ...  Continue Reading

  • July 17, 2007 17 Jul'07

    common short code (CSC)

    Common short codes (CSC) are short telephone numbers, usually consisting of five digits, that are used to address SMS and MMS messages from cellular telephones. Common short codes may also be called mobile short codes or short numbers... (Continued)  Continue Reading

  • July 17, 2007 17 Jul'07

    short message

    A short message is a brief text message sent to or from a mobile phone subscriber through the Short Message Service (SMS).  Continue Reading

  • July 17, 2007 17 Jul'07

    SMS spam (cell phone spam or short messaging service spam)

    SMS spam (sometimes called cell phone spam) is any junk message delivered to a mobile phone as text messaging through the Short Message Service (SMS). The practice is fairly rare in North America, but has been common in Japan for years. In 2001-2002...  Continue Reading

  • July 17, 2007 17 Jul'07

    iPhone offers wireless Web services

    The iPhone is the first handset to have a truly serviceable wireless Web browser.  Continue Reading