• January 31, 2007 31 Jan'07

    SMiShing (SMS phishing)

    SMiShing is a mobile phone security attack in which the user is tricked into downloading a Trojan horse, virus or other malware onto his phone. SMiShing is short for "SMS phishing." (Continued)  Continue Reading

  • January 31, 2007 31 Jan'07

    Mobile GPS system virus could infect network

    A mobile GPS system shipped with a virus that could infect the corporate network.  Continue Reading

  • January 29, 2007 29 Jan'07

    Defining mobility solutions

    Mobile solutions fall into one of three distinct philosophical categories and the solution you apply to your enterprise depends to some extent on the particular mobility needs of those involved. Craig Mathias explores three desktop replacement ...  Continue Reading

  • January 26, 2007 26 Jan'07

    Apple's iPhone – Could it really have a place in business?

    Apple's mobile handset, announced recently as the iPhone, has a strong consumer attraction but does it have any place in the enterprise? In this column, Simon Forge looks at the business potential for Apple's new iPhone.  Continue Reading

  • January 19, 2007 19 Jan'07

    Campus mobile telephony -- In-building signal improvement

    If your workers are using their mobile telephones in the office, and dropped calls and network dead spots are becoming problematic, it's best to consider an in-building wireless solution to improve the performance of carrier networks on campus. In ...  Continue Reading

  • January 18, 2007 18 Jan'07

    Planning your mobile strategy

    Most companies have substantially increased their mobile workforce over the past year or two as mobile technology has become less costly and more capable but do you have a strategy in place for a successful deployment or workforce expansion? In this...  Continue Reading

  • January 17, 2007 17 Jan'07

    Mobile security policy overview

    Defining a mobile security policy is an essential step towards reducing business risk. This series will help you formulate and enforce an official mobile policy.  Continue Reading

  • January 15, 2007 15 Jan'07

    Campus mobile telephony -- Enterprise-mobile integration

    Enterprise-mobile integration (EMI) distinguishes itself from other network convergence architectures by providing valuable integration between carrier and enterprise networks. This column by Dan Taylor addresses the benefits and challenges of EMI ...  Continue Reading

  • January 10, 2007 10 Jan'07

    Policies for mobile computing

    Mobile computing policies are critical to maintaining the integrity of your organization. While there are several variables in what constitutes a mobile policy, the advice in this column will help you define your needs and understand the core ...  Continue Reading