• November 08, 2006 08 Nov'06

    Direct Push security questionable

    Email received via Microsoft Direct Push, while encrypted over the air, is stored in an unsecured state, prompting some mobile experts to declare it a flaw.  Continue Reading

  • November 06, 2006 06 Nov'06

    VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)

    VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a satellite communications system that serves home and business users.  Continue Reading

  • November 06, 2006 06 Nov'06


    A modem modulates outgoing digital signals from a computer or other digital device to analog signals for a conventional copper twisted pair telephone line and demodulates the incoming analog signal and converts it to a digital signal for the digital...  Continue Reading

  • November 06, 2006 06 Nov'06

    feed line

    In a wireless communications or broadcasting antenna system, the feed line connects the antenna to the receiver, transmitter, or transceiver.  Continue Reading

  • November 06, 2006 06 Nov'06


    Generally, narrowband describes telecommunication that carries voice information in a narrow band of frequencies.  Continue Reading

  • November 06, 2006 06 Nov'06


    802.11 is an evolving family of specifications for wireless local area networks (WLANs) developed by a working group of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)....(Continued)  Continue Reading

  • November 06, 2006 06 Nov'06

    MIMO (multiple input, multiple output)

    MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) is an antenna technology for wireless communications in which multiple antennas are used at both the source (transmitter) and the destination (receiver)...(Continued)  Continue Reading

  • November 06, 2006 06 Nov'06

    wireless backhaul

    Wireless backhaul is the use of wireless communications systems to get data from an end user to a node in a major network such as the Internet or the proprietary network of a large business, academic institution or government agency... (Continued)  Continue Reading

  • November 06, 2006 06 Nov'06

    Mobile device encryption - a practice not often applied

    Encryption is the best way to protect data on mobile devices -- but too few companies are actually deploying this critical technology.  Continue Reading

  • November 03, 2006 03 Nov'06

    Managing mobile operators: Giving a passing grade

    Everyone likes to gripe about their wireless operators, complaining that they pay too much for services that aren't quite what they want. Many a corporate telecom department has weighed in with its own set of opinions about the things that are wrong...  Continue Reading