• January 13, 2004 13 Jan'04

    Could Wi-Fi send you to jail?

    In November, a man in Canada was arrested for downloading child pornography onto his laptop. The catch is that he was using someone else's wireless access point to access the illegal material. While the owner of that access point was never charged ...  Continue Reading

  • January 13, 2004 13 Jan'04

    Analyst: Enterprises poised to benefit from carrier swapping rules

    Beginning Nov. 24, U.S. wireless customers gained the option of keeping their phone numbers when they switch from one wireless carrier to another. The change, known as wireless local number portability (WLNP) was forced on reluctant carriers by the ...  Continue Reading

  • January 12, 2004 12 Jan'04

    Face-off: Thin clients vs. fat clients

    While Executive Editor Jim Connolly says "thin" shouldn't be a four-letter word, contributor Dave Gabel argues that fat clients unleash creativity. Read their opinions and then tell us which side you're on.  Continue Reading