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Wireless security audits for WLANs and BlackBerrys

I'm beginning a wireless security audit and one of my objectives is to identify rogue access points and perform a penetration test of the WLAN we are testing. We also have wireless Blackberry devices which operate on a different frequency. Do you know of Wireless laptop card and antenna combination that could be used in performing this type of assessment?
As far as I know there is no way to assess 802.11 along with Blackberry devices at the same time. Regarding the 802.11 assessment, you can use a basic laptop with the built-in site survey software that comes with most. I like the Orinoco software that works with Orinoco cards the best. Of course, there's NetStumbler which you should use if it supports you WLAN card. There's also AiroPeek which is excellent or you could take the AirMagnet route as well. If you go with a laptop solution, you may want to add on a Yagi or some other type of antenna to your WLAN card to increase your chances of picking up rogue signals.

Blackberries use CMDA, PCS, GSM/GPRS, or iDEN for communications, which are more secure (but not impenetrable) than 802.11. I would focus on the physical security, power-on passwords, malware protection, etc. issues for those devices.

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