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Wireless Internet at Disney World and other destinations

I'm a student planning a vacation to Walt Disney World, and would like to know if there will be wireless Internet access there.
Many travelers want to know how to find Wi-Fi hot spots wherever they're headed. On-line Wi-Fi directories that can be useful include:


Once you've reached your destination, a Wi-Fi sniffer like Boingo (see my SearchMobileComputing.com review) can help you find nearby APs. If you don't have a Wi-Fi PDA and would rather not walk around with an open laptop, you can buy a little Wi-Fi Detector fob. But keep in mind that sniffers tell you about any AP, public or private. Just because you can see an AP doesn't mean it's a hot spot that you can use.

Finally, let's answer your specific question. Wi-Fi hot spots operated by SmartCity are available in Disney convention center hotel public areas, including the Grand Floridian, Contemporary Resort, Yacht and Beach Club, and Coronado Springs. See Disney's Web site for more info.


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