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Will 802.16 complement or compete with 802.11

Hi Lisa,
Do you foresee 802.16 to complement or compete with 802.11s when OFDM will allow for critical mass penetration within both the building and outside?
Thanks! Adlane
Metropolitan Area Networks based on 802.16 fixed broadband wireless provide high-bandwidth "last mile" connectivity between carrier networks and subscriber networks. Even if OFDM modulation is used in both technologies, I see 802.16 WMANs as being complementary to 802.11 WLANs. 802.16 will excel at providing site-to-site backbone connectivity, while 802.11 will continue to focus on host-to-workgroup LAN connectivity. There may be some overlap - for example, 802.11 point-to-point outdoor bridges. But I believe there are many more situations in which these technologies cater to different applications as a result of differences in distance, data rate, frequency band, protocol encapsulation, connection-oriented v. connectionless, QoS management, cost of terminating equipment, etc.

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