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Why doesn't Cisco's LEAP technology work with laptops with Centrino technology?

Can you tell me why Cisco's LEAP technology does not work with laptops with Centrino technology? I cannot "see" the AP with my Dell X300? Is this a common problem?
Cisco's LEAP (Lightweight EAP) is a proprietary technology, designed by Cisco and implemented in Cisco Aironet Access Point and Adapter products. To broaden support for LEAP and other Cisco-proprietary features like Cisco-TKIP (CKIP), Cisco created a Cisco-Certified Extensions (CCX) program. Through this program, companies that build and sell Adapter products (but not Access Point products) can pay to implement Cisco extensions like LEAP and undergo third-party testing to certify their interoperability with Cisco 12000 APs.

Companies with CCX-certified products are listed on Cisco's Web site, and Intel is not among them. Several vendors that sell laptops with Intel Centrino do have CCX-certified products, including Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, and Toshiba. Your Dell X300 is not among the Dell Latitude notebook models that have been CCX-certified. However, Dell does have a CCX-compatible network driver update posted on their Web site that applies to the X300. You might want to give that update a try to see if it adds LEAP supplicant software to your laptop.

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