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Who provides mobile devices for the enterprise market?

Who is selling mobile devices into the enterprise? Have the small and medium enterprise space started to adopt yet?
While not today's volume market, the enterprise is viewed by many mobile device vendors as today's growth market. Corporate investments in mobile solutions have been slow to transpire for a number of reasons, including low IT spending, slow emergence of best practices, security concerns and confusion over evolving mobile device form factors and wireless services. However, corporate interest in mobility remains strong and will eventually deliver a compelling market. Vendors that have had the most success have lead with a solution or application, such as Research in Motion's wireless e-mail or Symbol Technologies point solutions for vertical applications. Other vendors such as Dell, HP, IBM, Palm and Sharp also see the opportunity in the corporate market, but receive many of their leads from mobile middleware vendors such as SEVEN, Broadbeam or JP Mobile. The small and medium corporate market is has been receiving considerable attention of late from these vendors since the barriers to entry are not as unyielding as they appear in larger organizations.

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