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Where could we find a RF expert that could visit my organization

We are looking for a RF expert that could come to our company with a spectrum analyzer and tell us what's wrong or right with our wireless infrastructure. We are currently having problems in some areas of our company and are not sure why. Where can I find such an expert?
Start by searching for a local systems integrator or network installer who can easily visit your site to perform a wireless survey. You may find a list of companies like this through your local chamber of commerce, a regional business directory, a wireless user group operating in a nearby greater metropolitan area, or by consulting on-line resource directories like the CWNP Solutions Provider list.

You might also consider purchasing a WLAN analyzer of your own. Most vendors who sell these products also have professional services organizations that might be able to help you conduct a site survey – especially if you're a large account. Alternatively, those vendors may have a local channel partner who they can recommend that you work with. For examples, see AirMagnet and WildPackets.

For on-going analysis, consider investing in a Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS). Environmental conditions that can impact wireless radio network performance change continuously, limiting the value of a one-time site survey. You may find and fix one performance problem today, but encounter another down the road that requires you to repeat your site survey. Many WIDS products are available today, sold both as packaged hardware/software and as managed security services – see my WLAN corner security tools list of example WIDS products and services.

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