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Where can I find a GPRS mobile device with a barcode scanner?

We need a mobile device that has a barcode scanner and a GPRS wireless connection. Where can we find this?
When looking for devices with integrated bar code scanners, look to the vendor that builds the lion share the world's bar code scanning engines -- Symbol Technologies in Holtsville, NY.

Symbol's handheld device lineup includes a variety of form factors, such as pen-based devices and keypad-based devices based on operating platforms including Windows CE, Pocket PC, Palm OS and DOS. In fact, Symbol is the only vendor currently licensing the Palm OS and building what is commonly classified as rugged vertical application devices. Symbol's newest GPRS-enabled devices, the PDT 8037 & PDT 8056, match a pen-based handheld form factor based on Microsoft's Pocket PC platform with an integrated numeric keypad and bar code scanner. The PDT 8056 adds 802.11b Wi-Fi connectivity in addition to its GPRS communication. Also look at Symbol's PDT 8137, which is also based on Pocket PC, but includes a 28 key numeric keyboard for great data input flexibility. Another vendor to look at is Intermec in Everett, Wash., which offers the 700 Series of Pocket PC-based handhelds, which can be configured with GPRS, Bluetooth or 802.11b wireless technologies.

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