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What types of applications are not suitable for an occasionally connected model?

What types of applications are not suitable for an occasionally connected model?
An occasionally connected architecture is ideally suited for applications that would benefit from being able to withstand periods of disconnection from the network. Whether for mobile use or to improve application access performance and reliability in remote office environments, this approach to deploying applications removes persistent network connectivity as a requirement. In most cases, readying an application for distributed deployment requires only minor changes to existing applications, even when they are designed around the central server paradigm.

Leveraging data replication solutions enables local copies of data to be fully synchronized during periods of network availability, while the local data will always be available for offline functionality. Enterprise applications such as field maintenance, sales force automation, electronic medical records - just to name a few - would all benefit from occasionally connected architectures. Users of these applications would be free to roam away from the corporate network and be more productive in low-bandwidth environments.

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