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What are some of business advantages to VoWLAN?

I work for small financial services company. What are some of business advantages to VoWLAN? Is it worth the money to implement it now or should we wait?
VoWLAN or wireless VoIP has the most productivity advantages when users are very mobile in the office. Today, the widest adopters are hospitals and universities because their user bases are very mobile. Doctors have an office but are rarely there. The same is true of faculty at a university. Some retail and warehouse businesses also benefit as do tech support departments.

Basically, if you are running VoIP as your voice communication system then adding a wireless component is the natural extension. You can have every employee have a cordless phone in the office, carrying their extension with them everywhere they go – much like a cordless phone in your home – without needing to buy cell phone contracts for everyone. If you don't have VoIP plans for your business it would be difficult to justify using VoWLAN because you'd have to first invest in the IP Telephony PBX and then deploy a wireless infrastructure just to do VoWLAN. If your business is small, that is hard to justify.

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