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WLAN as graduate project

I'm a graduate student and selected WLAN as my project for graduation. Where should I start and which fields deserve more effort?
Although wireless LANs have been around for several years, this field is still evolving very rapidly and there are many possible fields of study. For example:

Wireless LAN Switching I: Today's wireless APs are conceptually like a hubbed Ethernet ? a medium shared by all stations. Recently, Engim announced a wireless LAN switching engine ? a chipset that will give each station exclusive use of a portion of the spectrum, optimizing utilization of multiple channels to boost throughput.

Wireless LAN Switching II: Wireless APs can support advanced services like VPN, or be simplistic devices that just turn wireless frames into Ethernet frames. Recently, several new "WLAN switch" products have been announced that combine simpler APs with an intelligent supervisory system that pulls the WLAN infrastructure together. APs are configured and monitored by a parent switch, creating a one distributed switching fabric. For examples, see Airespace, Aruba, and Trapeze.

Wireless Quality of Service: The emerging IEEE 802.11e standard will define QoS enhancements for use in 802.11 wireless networks. The ability to deliver services with specified performance characteristics is critical for delivery of high-grade voice and video over wireless. To learn more about 802.11e and pre-standard implementations, see Cisco's Guide and the IEEE task group's latest progress update.

Wireless Security: The emerging 802.11i standard will define WLAN security enhancements, including the near-term feature set identified by the Wi-Fi Alliance as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and longer-term features like AES encryption. To learn more, see the Wi-Fi Alliance WPA guide and the IEEE 802.11 TGi web page.

There are many areas of WLAN research and innovation you might consider using as a basis for your graduate project. I hope that I have given you a few good starting points to begin your research.

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