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Sharing wireless connections

Lisa, I have a 54g version of an 802.11 wireless router.

The gentleman next door graciously snowplowed my driveway for free all last winter (wife has been pretty sick).

What's the best way (150 feet of flat clear land between us) to share my high-speed cable modem Internet connection with his (raised ranch -- like mine) household?
Given the modest, obstacle-free distance between your homes, it's possible that your neighbor can join your WLAN using a PC with a regular wireless card. You might try taking your laptop over there (if you have one) and checking signal strength to see if the connection is reliable enough and fast enough (both diminish with distance).

If this doesn't work, the easiest solution may be to add a stronger external antenna to a WLAN client at his place, and/or your wireless router. Not all products sold for home use can accommodate external antennas, so check with your router's manufacturer. Or you might be able to purchase a slightly more expensive wireless card for your neighbor to use that has longer-than-usual range or "high performance". Check product specs. You can also improve things by moving your wireless router to the side of your home that faces his, or adding an outdoor antenna.

Failing this, you could set up a wireless point-to-point bridge between your homes, but that's a more expensive and complicated alternative than you're probably looking for here. Note that, by broadcasting signal outside your home, your neighbor isn't going to be the only one who can potentially jump onto your WLAN. Be sure to enable security features on your wireless router and cards to make intrusion a little bit harder.

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