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Pros and cons of wireless

I'm trying to sell my upper management on a wireless network for our office, and I need to be prepared to speak about the pros and cons of this technology. Other than security, what other issues will I have to prepare for if I deploy this technology?

Like any technology, there are various pros and cons. I personally think the wireless network pros definitely outweigh the cons...that is, if they are deployed properly. Here are are few other issues other than security that you may run into:<br><br>
<li>Typically only support a limited # of hosts due to bandwidth limitations
<li>Wireless signals may have a limited range depending on the physical surroundings
<li>Design and deployment can require various skills and knowledge -- especially if an in-depth site survey must be performed
<li>Troubleshooting can be difficult
<li>Minimal cross-vendor compatibility
As long as you stick with one vendor, place your access points (APs) in locations that support both signal strength and physical security, and harden your systems (APs and clients) from attack, I think you'll truly enjoy the benefits wireless networks have to offer.<br><br>


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