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Palm equivalent of the Blackberry Enterprise Server

We are looking for a Palm equivalent of the Blackberry Enterprise Server for managing wireless devices like the Treo Phone/PDA. We do not want to depend on local user PCs to handle wireless e-mail redirection. We are looking for a solution enabling us to:
  • Manage wireless devices from a single location
  • Have a "kill" feature to remotely wipe clean a lost or stolen device
  • Have some sort of password protection or other security feature for access
  • Support multiple e-mail accounts on same device
Any ideas?
Check out Good Technologies ( www.good.com). They've got a nice, Palm and Pocket PC based RIM like e-mail solution. Of course, if you really want to empower mobile workers with robust applications beyond email, you should check out Adesso ( www.adessosystems.com) – which runs on Pocket PC, laptops and other Windows devices.

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