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Memory/storage allocation problems

Help! I am already eating up my memory/storage allocation and I am wondering if I can store more programs on my external card, but still run the programs effectively.
Actually, with PCMCIA cards offering 256M bytes of storage selling as low as $99, it would seem to make sense to pack applications into these cards and then run the full-featured applications directly from these portable storage powerhouses. In fact, this is what some makers of PDAs recommend for some programs, since the PDA itself has a limited number of bits and bytes to parcel out for applications and data. Theoretically, it is possible. But, as everyone knows, theories don't always float a boat. While you may be able to install a powerful application, or even an operating system, on a PCMCIA card you may be limited to running that application on the original host computer since the program routinely makes calls and interacts with software located on this host system.

We (at Shoreline Research) have conducted some trials of operating programs from PCMCIA disks and not run into too many problems. There is even a noticeable improvement in speed, since you are not dealing with spinning drives and mechanical elements when using PCMCIA memory.

But, we have experienced some instability and system crashes because of this bipolar activity. In one instance, we even inadvertently installed a portion of the OS on the PCMCIA card, with disastrous results when the card was unplugged.

Our recommendation: Let your careful conscience be your guide. Start with small programs, and don't get too ambitious by trying to pack all of Microsoft Office on a single card. A better recommendation: Upgrade your system with a new and more capable disk drive, or purchase an add-in card drive that can be inserted and not removed.

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