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Lisa Phifer's wireless predictions for 2004

We asked mobile wireless expert for her top predictions for the coming year.
She replied:
  1. Availability of WPA and pre-standard 802.11i in Wi-Fi products will lay to rest old concerns about WEP cracking, helping the industry refocus more of its attention to needs other than security.
  2. The wireless LAN switching market will start to contract as some start-ups are acquired by large network hardware vendors, and others fail to find a profitable niche.
  3. Business use of smartphones and PDAs will continue to grow, finally reaching the critical mass needed to draw real IT attention to scalable administration and corporate privacy concerns.
  4. Dual-mode 3G + Wi-Fi handsets will emerge, but wireless WAN/LAN roaming will initially be hampered by inadequate network infrastructure and lack of business agreements necessary to deliver ubiquitous connectivity with seamless handoffs.

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