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Kevin Beaver's mobile security predictions for 2004

We asked mobile security expert Kevin Beaver for his top predictions for the coming year.
He replied:
  1. We'll see increased deployments of WLANs due to the emerging security standards and increased options of third-party add-on products to secure and manage WLANs.
  2. We'll see a stronger convergence of WLAN and cellular technologies due to the Wi-Fi backing from the cell phone giants.
  3. We'll start to see the beginning of the end of Wi-Fi hotspot usage charges. It's just too expensive for the casual wireless user. Eventually the WLAN costs will be distributed among all customers in coffee shops, airports, etc. to "hide" the fees to make it more appealing.
  4. We'll continue to see a lot of 802.11b deployments. Many 802.11b infrastructures have already been built, the products are maturing, and most people don't need 54 Mbps+ network access just to browse the Internet, send email, or make minimal file transfers. The WLAN alphabet soup lives on.

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