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Is Java really that bad on mobile applications?

I was developing a prototype run on WIN CE env using Sybase Pocket PowerBuilder. It was very easy. However, my client wants to use Java as the development platform. But when I talked to some developers, they said Java on WinCE is not very efficient. They recommended C# or VB .NET.

Is Java really that bad on mobile applications? How is Java compare with C# or VB.NET? Is there anywhere I can find more information on comparing Java and C#/VB .NET?

Like most technical choices, there are pros and cons with all options. Java may offer more platform independence, but that independence may cost you efficiency on WIN CE. If you know you're developing for CE, you may be better served developing on C# or VB.NET. These are developed by Microsoft for Microsoft platforms and produce compiled code which generally runs more efficiently on WIN CE. And given the slower processors on most mobile devices, you're going to want the fastest, most efficient application possible. Also, be mindful that slow connectivity and low wireless bandwidth will slow interactive performance for end users. Consider a synchronized local data store for improved application performance and availability.

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