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Infrared ports and security

Our IT guy stopped by my desk the other day to fix something on my machine, and showed me a neat trick: apparently, my laptop has an infrared port on it, which enables me to swap files with anyone else with a similar port. After I got over the gee whiz factor, though, I started to think about whether or not that constitutes some kind of security risk. My question is this: can people get files from my machine without my consent, using this feature?
The infrared port on a laptop can certainly constitute a security risk if it has the proper drivers loaded, is enabled, and an application that supports file transfers is available on the machine. The important thing to keep in mind here is that when it comes to laptops and other mobile computing devices, physical security is key. If there's any chance of physical security vulnerabilities with laptops (and where are there not!?), automatic timed logoffs, screen saver passwords, cable locks, and most importantly user awareness training regarding what can happen are absolutely required.

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