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How-to guides for 802.11i

I am having a hard time finding a how-to guide to use 802.11i. I feel if good docs can be located, I'll be fine. Do you know of any?

I want to secure all Wi-Fi gear the same way and in my organization I will have to weed out all remaining non-compliant gear and replace it. I am happy with Apple 802.11g gear and could standardize on that. I am, however, open to low-cost suggestions. I'll need to authenticate from 11 locations fed by T1s and want centralized control. Do you have any suggestions?

The 802.11i standard is relatively new, and it will take a while for good how-to documentation to emerge based on the final standard. But there are a few good books based on preliminary versions of 802.11i. Here are two that I recommend:

802.11i can help you centralize authentication by chaining local RADIUS servers at each location to one master RADIUS server or by configuring RADIUS to consult a central user database, like an Active Directory or an ACE Server. You probably want a RADIUS server at each location to reduce 802.1x latency. Make sure that inter-site traffic between local RADIUS servers and your central authentication server is secured (for example, using VPN tunnels). In this way, you'll only need to configure user accounts, passwords and permissions at one central server. Access points at every site will relay WLAN access requests over 802.1X, through the local RADIUS server and to that central authority.

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