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Enterprise-class wireless security on the cheap

My company does network and systems consulting for a number of small and midsized customers. Many are asking for wireless, but need to make sure it's secure. What's the least expensive option for my customers that need "enterprise-class" security? Have you heard of WSC Guard from Wireless Security Corporation? What do you think of that solution? (It appears that they leverage the highest security standards with WPA and 802.1x.)
The WSC Guard solution does appear to focus on the SME market and could be a good fit. It focuses on authentication. Focus on "good security" regardless of the size of the network/organization. Focus on internal WLAN design issues such as physical placement of APs and antennas, signal strength, keeping AP and WLAN card firmware up to date, use personal firewalls on WLAN clients, and enable WEP (I know, it's broken, but it's better than no encryption at all). You can easily setup a PPTP VPN if they're running a Windows network -- for free. Also, check out my webcast Doing Wireless LANs the Right Way for more information.

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