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Is there a specific WCDMA SIM card?

A specific WCDMA SIM card evolves to become a USIM card and thereby plays an important role in managing the user experience on higher bandwidth networks.

Is there a specific WCDMA SIM card?

Yes, and WCDMA phones require SIM cards that are unique from those common to all GSM/GPRS phones. SIM cards in the GSM world hold a user's identity and comprise a technology that helps operators manage billing and other information about their customers.

With a UMTS or WCDMA network, the SIM card has evolved to become the USIM and will play an important role in managing the user experience on the higher bandwidth networks by administering security profiles, access authentication, application and data downloading policies and so on.

Mobile phones with USIMs can still operate on GSM networks. A unique feature of the USIM is its ability to store applications such as network access to information services, prepaid services, banking applications, among others.

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