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Distribution of traffic capacity among users connected to an access point

How a fair distribution of traffic capacity can be done among users connected to an access point of a WLAN (802.11b for instance)?
Wireless LAN gateways like Bluesocket and ReefEdge include bandwidth management features that let you limit throughput for users or groups. For example, define a policy that stops all users in the ?guest? group from sending more than 2 Mbps through the gateway that sits between 802.11 access points and the Internet.

LAN bandwidth managers can help you distribute upstream capacity, but they can?t control airlink use -- doing that requires support within the access point itself. Wireless LAN Switching companies like Trapeze Networks and Aruba Networks plan to offer AP-based flow classification and class of service features.

The IEEE 802.11e task group is working on a new standard that will define MAC-layer enhancements to control quality of service in 802.11 wireless LANs. These extensions will eventually provide built-in airlink support for latency-sensitive applications like voice and video over wireless.

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