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Creating an Office Suite on a mobile phone

I am currently looking for some final year dissertation ideas for my university. One of my ideas was to create some sort of Office Suite on a mobile phone (i.e. Word and Excel). How do I go about starting this? What would I need to do first and what processes are involved?
Investigating applications for mobile devices sounds like a great topic for your research project. The industry for developing mobile applications is moving very quickly with advances being made every day, including work around mobile office suites. Particularly challenging may be the "human factors" such as usability. Like any good development project, I would suggest that you begin with a solid understanding of the user requirements. What real needs do you seek to address? How will people use the application and for what specific purpose? Which devices and applications have been adopted to date and which have not?

With enabling technologies, such as improved mobile processors, greater storage, and better synchronization engines, winners in this space are those who really understand user requirements. Good luck!

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