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Can I push a policy ACL onto a Pocket PC

With an iPaq 3xxx series pocket pc will it be possible to not only connect to a Cisco 3000 concentrator with the Cisco client, but also more importantly will I have the ability to push a policy (ACL) onto the pocket PC? I was thinking that as the TCP stack may be different this may cause problems.
According to Cisco, the Cisco 3000 VPN Concentrators supports Pocket PC PDAs through movianVPN, a third-party VPN client sold by Certicom. According to Certicom, the movianVPN 3.0 client interoperates with several Cisco 3000 series VPN gateways and will run on 3600, 3700, 3800, and 3900 series iPAQs.

With movianVPN, you will be able to define an IPsec selector that controls which networks are accessed over the VPN. You will also be able to use some specialized features of the Cisco 3000, such as NAT traversal. However, you should expect there will be some limitations to any multi-vendor VPN combination. For detailed information about client policy configuration, consult this movianVPN/Cisco deployment guide (PDF).

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