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Bluetooth SD card for Palm OS 5

Have you heard any news of a Bluetooth SD card being developed for Palm OS 5?
Palm has told me that they have no plans for such a card but that third party solutions may be in the pipeline. PalmOne's current Bluetooth 1.1 SD card offering will not work on OS 5 devices, and it has reportedly said that it has no plans to develop the software drivers to make it compatible with OS 5. There were reports over the summer of a Palm tech support employee answering a request by saying "Please be assured that our engineers are very hard at work and are preparing a Bluetooth card for the Palm Zire 71 handheld. As of now, I am not in a position to comment on the release of the Bluetooth card." Since then, however, all news about the potential card has been quiet, except for the Palm spokesperson that said, "Palm's tech support people have been instructed to no longer mention this product."

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