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Biometrics for PDA security

Are any of the major PDA vendors looking at biometrics for security? Do you think biometrics will catch on for this purpose?
The industry is definitely in its infancy regarding biometric solutions for PDAs but it's destined to really take off. Right now, there are quite a few biometric add-on products for PDAs such as PDALok, but I'm sure that solid biometric solutions will be commonplace direct from the manufacturer in the near future. Some PDA vendors are already integrating biometrics -- check out the latest HP iPaq. It has biometric security built right in. I think as soon as the other large vendors start embracing these technologies, it will be a boon for the biometric industry. Check out www.findbiometrics.com for a listing of biometric vendors so you can keep abreast of who is doing what in the PDA arena.

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