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Being realistic about mobile

Given the depressed economy and flat IT budgets, is it safe to keep with our wait and see attitude towards enterprise mobility, like most other companies we observe?

The soured economy has exposed vulnerabilities in what had seemed to be an intrinsically strong interest by enterprises in mobile and wireless technologies.

But while enterprises are more realistic regarding today's mobile and handheld opportunities, demonstrable case studies and best practices are emerging from enterprises within vertical industries. Those companies that use this time in a down economy to plan how mobility fits and benefits their processes will be in the best position to execute their plans and leverage the best practices when the economy and IT spending improve. Those companies that wait until the economy begins improves before formulating a plan will be in a severely weakened position as their competition begins to execute. Therefore, it is essential to formulate a plan for how mobile fits in your business processes now, regardless of your short-term investment plans, because such a vision is also critical to assessing the strategies open to your competition and how their implementation can impact your business.

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