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Backing up contact data from a mobile phone

Is there a mobile application you know of for backing up/synchronizing personal/business contact data on a mobile phone which prevents the data from being lost if the phone is lost?
Most, if not all high functionality phones, such as those based on an evolved operating platform like Symbian, Palm OS, Windows Mobile or Linux, come equipped with synchronization software and cables so that data such as contacts, calendar, task lists, notes, even Office files, can be passed between a PC and the mobile phone. However, the majority of mobile phones in use today are of the traditional variety, which means small screens and limited data capabilities and therefore, little reason to synchronize with a PC. But, for those who have keyed in contact information using the phone's keypad or who have contacts in Microsoft Outlook that they want to bring over to their phone, synchronization is possible through third-party applications. One of the best is TrueSync Plus from Starfish Software which provides address book synchronization between Microsoft Outlook or Exchange and a wide variety of traditional mobile phones. You will, however, need to go to your carrier or mobile phone manufacture for the cable that connects your particular phone to your PC's USB port.

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