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Arguing for open ports

I am having a problem with my security officer. He thinks we should close all ports on WLAN other that 80/443 (http/https). On the fixed network he also closed access to POP3/IMAP and wants the same on WLAN. My users do not like this very much. Do you think there is a security issue?
This is a classic example of security versus convenience. It could be that he closed the POP3/IMAP ports due to users downloading personal e-mails which could possibly pose certain risks if they bypass the company's main email server or other perimeter malware and spam protection measures...this could be the case for other ports as well. It's a tough call overall determining if there are security issues without knowing more information. Wireless or wired -- it shouldn't make a difference. I would say that if you have a business case and need certain ports open, you could propose that to your security officer or at least ask what his business case is for closing them down.

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