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Dell XPS (2020) review

The Dell XPS 13 is more expensive than other Windows 10 laptops, but is it worth it? Its impeccable design, stunning display and impressive spec sheet suggest yes, at least on paper.


Top iOS 13 mobile device management features for IT

The new iOS 13 mobile device management features Apple introduced help IT with device enrollment and other tasks, but IT must determine how these features fit into its plans.


MobileIron purchase looks to ease mobile app deployment

MobileIron says its purchase of Incapptic Connect will make the enterprise app deployment process easier. Experts say the move could benefit IT pros.


How does the aggressive iOS 13 RAM management affect UX?

Apple's iOS 13 comes with RAM management that may terminate mobile apps that aren't in use. Apple has somewhat addressed this with updates, but some of the core issues remain.

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Mobile Computing Basics

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    Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

    Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) is a security software meant to protect organizations and individual users from security threats on mobile platforms.

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    Microsoft OneDrive

    OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is an online cloud storage service from Microsoft.

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    enterprise mobility management (EMM)

    Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is software that allows organizations to securely enable employee use of mobile devices and applications.

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