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Bring wearables, IoT into device management

Smartwatches, IoT devices and sensors -- oh my! Endpoint management can get confusing quickly, but you can figure it out by answering these questions.


Keep up with Android enterprise device management

Over the past year, Google has released new capabilities and features to manage Android enterprise devices. IT should be aware of these recent updates for Android device management.

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Get ready for even smarter mobile devices

Mobile devices with AI and virtual assistants will affect the enterprise, as well as consumers. Learn how to prep your organization for the future.


Discover the benefits of middleware for mobile

Organizations that build mobile apps with a lot of integrations with back-end services should consider middleware. But first, be aware of these pros and cons.

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  • Enterprise mobile security

    How to train up an IAM engineer

    Looking for an IAM engineer? They may be right under your nose. But training existing or external candidates involves a lot more than just understanding the tech.

  • Mobile data, back-end services and infrastructure

    App modularization with Swift gets easier

    Many developers recognize the benefits of app modularization. Historically, it's been difficult to begin the process, but now changes from Apple provide more opportunity.

  • Apple iOS in the enterprise

    The future of mobile machine learning grows with Swift

    Swift has the potential to lead the way to easier implementation of mobile app machine learning. Discover new tools for creating AI models in Swift and their use cases.