Enterprise mobility strategy and policy

  • In-building wireless, Part 1: Making the case

    Poor on-campus cellular coverage is a common problem. Dropped calls, weak signals and workers standing by the nearest window are commonplace in many businesses. Given this challenge, the question is what role the enterprise IT department should play...  Continue Reading

  • In-building wireless, Part 2: Best practices

    In this tip, Daniel Taylor discuss best practices around design objectives, budgeting, architecture and planning in-building wireless.  Continue Reading

  • Mobile VPN roadtest

    Mobile VPNs let users keep the same virtual IP address when roaming from hot spot to cellular to office, preserving application and login state. In this tip, Phifer explores the business problems addressed by Mobile VPNs and shares her experience ...  Continue Reading

  • The Era of Infocentricity

    Craig Mathias says the rise of mobility has taught us to rethink IT to the extent of redefining what a computer is. The benefits of this are enormous and define what he terms the Era of Infocentricity. Say goodbye to the compu- and ...  Continue Reading

  • What to do when a laptop is lost or stolen

    There are a few key steps to take if one of your corporate laptops is lost or stolen. These measures will help you respond rather than react, and they will get you back on the road to recovery, minimizing any future worries.  Continue Reading

  • The "Skype effect" -- using a laptop as cell phone

    As the use of Skype, IM and VoIP skyrockets in the enterprise, it's important to understand and balance the challenges these technologies have for the mobile enterprise. This column offers suggestions about how to address the use of these ...  Continue Reading

  • 3G wireless: The long and winding road

    To understand 3G and how 3G networks can benefit your organizations mobility strategy you must first understand its evolution. In this tip, Lisa Phifer sorts out the cellular alphabet soup and looks at the complex history behind today's 3G wireless.  Continue Reading

  • Trimming mobile telecomm costs with Skype

    Many mobile workers now use Internet VoIP services like Skype, while on the road, without racking up huge long distance bills. But should enterprises permit or even embrace Skype use by mobile workers? Here are some factors to consider.  Continue Reading

  • Managed services for enterprise mobility

    Enterprise mobility is complex and keeping tabs on the latest that the industry has to offer is difficult. In this tip, Daniel Taylor offers you an outline of what you should look for in a managed service; specifically in hosted mobile e-mail, ...  Continue Reading