Mobile Policies and Procedures

  • Mobile devices: Corporate security strategies

    According to analysts, companies grappling with mobile/wireless security are expected to take a hit from improper use and mobile malware attacks resulting in real business interruption. Fortunately, most of these exploits will take advantage of ...  Continue Reading

  • Mobile (in)security

    A majority of enterprises are now involved in the mobile revolution but a good portion of them do not have an appropriate mobile security strategy in place to negate mobile-specific security risks. In this column, Jack Gold offers solid advice to ...  Continue Reading

  • What to do when a laptop is lost or stolen

    There are a few key steps to take if one of your corporate laptops is lost or stolen. These measures will help you respond rather than react, and they will get you back on the road to recovery, minimizing any future worries.  Continue Reading

  • Airline security: Checking your laptop

    Recent events have airlines issuing new rules governing carry-on items. New mandates now force us to check our laptops as baggage. Here, Craig Mathias looks at some things we need to be aware of before we check our laptops and what we need to do to ...  Continue Reading