Mobile infrastructure and applications

  • Securing Bluetooth

    Reducing Bluetooth security threats requires not only authenticating and encrypting all Bluetooth traffic and defined security policies but wise choices when configuring, assessing, patching and security auditing Bluetooth enable mobile devices.  Continue Reading

  • Managing mobile operators: Giving a passing grade

    Everyone likes to gripe about their wireless operators, complaining that they pay too much for services that aren't quite what they want. Many a corporate telecom department has weighed in with its own set of opinions about the things that are wrong...  Continue Reading

  • Near-field communications: The next small thing

    Near-field communications, a short-range wireless connectivity standard, is designed to work over a distance of just a few centimeters or so. In this column, Craig Mathias discusses its potential.  Continue Reading

  • 3G devices: Don't get tied down with tethering

    More and more mobile devices are appearing on the marketplace with 3G capabilities. But the impacts of broadband wireless are far and wide, and anyone interested in taking advantage of new smartphones and faster networks should be aware of both the ...  Continue Reading