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  • PCI forensic investigator program

    A PCI forensic investigator program is a certification process for companies wishing to become eligible to perform investigations into data breaches on payment card industry (PCI) networks. PCI forensic investigator...

  • R programming language

    The R programming language is an open source scripting language for predictive analytics and data visualization.

  • VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP)

    The VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) is part of the VMware Partner Network Program ,which allows service provider partners to host VMware software on a monthly subscription basis to offer cloud services such...

  • bug bounty program

    A bug bounty program, also called a hacker bounty program or vulnerability rewards program (VRP), is a crowdsourcing initiative that rewards individuals for finding a software bug and reporting it...

  • Five areas of focus for a healthcare business intelligence program

    Depending on the background and experience of whom you ask, healthcare business intelligence can mean business oriented activities such as reporting and decision support all the way to more technical analysis of data warehouse content. Still...

  • IT admins, MDM vendors mull Apple Device Enrollment Program integration

    Apple is listening to IT with device enrollment and volume app purchasing programs updates, yet vendors and IT pros are left to sort through it all.

  • Getting upper management involved in your BYOD program

    To make your BYOD program a success, make sure that your end users' bosses aren't left out of the picture.

  • Code Kingdoms teaches children to program through gaming

    Technology start-up Code Kingdoms has set its sights on creating a new generation of coders by teaching kids to program through gaming.

    The company teaches children aged between six and 13 the basics of computer science and programming....

  • R programming language demands the right use case

    The R programming language is becoming more popular in commercial settings, but users have to make sure it fits their needs.

  • The four cornerstones of a successful BYOD program

    A BYOD security policy is one cornerstone of a successful BYOD program. Learn why flexibility is also crucial to BYOD success, in this webcast series.

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