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  • point release

    A point release is a small or relatively minor software release that fixes or improves an existing software product.

  • Metadata landmines in SharePoint migrations

    Migrating to SharePoint, particularly from a third-party platform, can wreak havoc on metadata if you don't know what you're dealing with.

  • story point (story points)

    A story point is a metric used in agile project management and development to determine the importance of a particular story.

  • SharePoint Technology Conference

    SPTechCon, April 22-25 in San Francisco, is the world’s premier independent event for SharePoint. The format includes 90+ technical classes, workshops and breakout classes. Receive a $200 discount off the...

  • SharePoint for records management matures

    SharePoint for records management can aggregate the volume and variety of information that is now part of a comprehensive records management strategy.

  • Workarounds for mobile SharePoint

    Let's face it: Mobile SharePoint can be a clunky experience. An expert discusses some workarounds.

  • Do PCI SSC-approved point-to-point encryption products reduce scope?

    Expert Mike Chapple details the potential benefits for organizations that choose PCI SSC-approved point-to-point encryption products.

  • SearchAWS targets cloud services tipping point

    To our readers:

    Scot PetersenScot Petersen

    You have been telling us that the growth of Amazon Web Services...

  • What are unlicensed wireless point-to-point networks?

    What are private, unlicensed wireless point-to-point networks? UC strategies expert Matt Brunk explains how enterprises can use them to mobilize UC.

  • SharePoint social success starts with a collaborative culture

    For SharePoint social features and other social collaboration tools to pay off, organizations need to build a culture in which sharing is rewarded.

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