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Sep 15, 2003

Borland brings modelling to .net

Borland Software is bringing modelling and designing capabilities to the .net development community in a new incarnation of its... Continue Reading


Jul 15, 2011

Bringing BYOD to your enterprise

Bring your own device (BYOD) can be a boon for both employees and enterprises, but clear policies and management tools are needed. Continue Reading


Mar 08, 2006

Intel brings forward Wimax plans

Intel is bringing forward its Wimax long range wireless data plans, with the introduction of laptop data cards before the year is out. Continue Reading


News Jun 07, 2011

Cigital acquires Consciere, brings in security vets

Software security consultancy Cigital has acquired Consciere, bringing in security veterans Joel Scambray and Kevin Rich. Continue Reading


Apr 25, 2005

Disappointed corporates bring outsourcing back in house

Many of the world's largest organisations that were quick to participate in IT and business process outsourcing are bringing... Continue Reading


Apr 30, 2004

BT brings broadband to more rural areas

BT has announced a change in strategy which will bring the government's target of UK-wide broadband access closer. Continue Reading


Sep 11, 2003

Borland brings UML approach to .net

Borland Software is bringing modelling and designing capabilities to the .net development community in the latest incarnation of... Continue Reading


Manage Sep 21, 2011

Windows Server 8 brings changes, improvements

Windows Server 8 brings a plethora of change to Microsoft’s plans for the cloud, storage and networking. Continue Reading


Apr 15, 2005

Oracle brings in open source development community

Oracle is bringing in the open source Eclipse development community to support its Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 3.0 specification,... Continue Reading


Feb 27, 2004

Dell brings enterprise computing to SMEs

Dell has introduced a family of servers and a new storage system in an attempt to bring enterprise computing to small and... Continue Reading