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  • bring your own wearables

    Bring your own wearables (BYOW) is a trend toward the use of employee-owned wearable computing devices in a business setting. Bring your own wearables (BYOW) is a trend toward the use of employee-owned wearable...

  • BYOI (bring your own identity)

    BYOI (bring your own identity) is an approach to digital authentication in which an end user's username and password is managed by a third party such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Amazon.

  • bring your own device workplace (BYOD workplace)

    A bring your own work environment (BYOWE) is one that allows -- or even encourages -- employees to use consumer technology for job-related tasks.

  • BYOE (bring your own encryption)

    BYOE (bring your own encryption) is a cloud computing security model that allows cloud service customers to use their own encryption software and manage their own encryption keys. 

  • CW500: Bring your own IT department?

    Bring, your and own (BYO) are the first three words of an acronym being discussed in IT as the next phase of the consumerisation trend

  • How IT brings aid to refugees

    In this week’s Computer Weekly, we talk to the CIO at the UN High Commission for Refugees about the vital role that technology plays in supporting its aid programmes. We hear from IT leaders who are ditching BlackBerry – but moving to Windows Phone...

  • Cloud brings ease to WMS software deployments

    While a latecomer to the cloud scene, warehouse management system (WMS) software is finally making its way to subscription-based and...

  • Oracle implementation at Celcom brings IT, business together

    Celcom is the oldest cellular provider in Malaysia and, until 2006, it was also the largest. That year, it dropped to number three and posted a loss. Since then, Celcom officials have turned the company around -- and regained the top spot in the...

  • Pods fit for virtualization, but bring HA clustering challenges

    Converged infrastructure pods offer numerous benefits, but they may not be the best fit for every virtual infrastructure.

    The basic...

  • Palo Alto Ignite: bringing some discipline to big data protection

    Nick Booth chats up the security boffins at Palo Alto Networks’ Ignite conference, and finds out how to bring some discipline to data protection.

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