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  • access network

    An access network is a user network that connects subscribers to a particular service provider and, through the carrier network, to other networks such as the Internet.

  • SAP Smart Data Access (SDA)

    Smart Data Access is a data virtualization feature in SAP HANA that allows customers to access data virtually from remote sources such as Hadoop, Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server and SAP databases and combine it with...

  • Turkey blocks access to Twitter

    Turkey is blocking access to Twitter after users posted allegations of government corruption

  • mandatory access control (MAC)

    Mandatory access control (MAC) is a system-controlled policy restricting access to resource objects (such as data files, devices, systems, etc.) based on the level of authorization or clearance of the...

  • How parliament's IT secures MPs' data access

    G-Cloud is part of the accreditation process for selecting public cloud providers, which means software and services have been cleared for government use.

    But parliamentary ICT director Joan Miller took extra precautions and had deep...

  • Demand for BYOD access control leads to NAC resurgence

    NAC technology is stepping up to the plate to give better BYOD access control to enterprises.

  • Hackers access Yahoo Mail with stolen passwords

    Yahoo has revealed that hackers have tried to access some Yahoo Mail accounts with stolen passwords

  • File access logs: Marcus Ranum surprised by NSA shortfall

    Breaches such as Target Corp.'s have raised the question of how quickly and accurately organizations are able to assess the extent of a malicious incursion.

    In this interview with SearchSecurity Editorial Director Robert Richardson at the...

  • NSA TAO: What Tailored Access Operations unit means for enterprises

    The NSA's top-secret Tailored Access Operations offensive hacking unit offers enterprise defense strategy lessons. Expert Nick Lewis discusses.

  • IBM's Watson supercomputer gives developers access to cognitive cloud

    In 2011, IBM's Watson supercomputer won the Jeopardy game show, demonstrating how cognitive computing could make sense of vast amounts of unstructured information to deliver straightforward answers.

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