Successful Mobile Deployments

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  • Defining mobile IT solutions

    Mobility is now so important to productivity and the overall success of the enterprise that mobile access to information is an increasingly important concern of IT departments. But to set an effective mobile IT strategy, we need to look closely at th... 

  • Strategic planning for mobile applications

    Mobility introduces new possibilities for communication and collaboration by extending access to existing enterprise applications to mobile devices. But enterprises are challenged to find a way to do so easily and cost effectively. In this series, we... 

  • A strategic approach to enabling mobile business applications

    Today's successful enterprises are discovering that granting mobile access to critical business applications can increase productivity and revenue. This guide will cover how to develop an overall strategy for mobilizing applications and how to tailor... 

  • Mobile Devices, Chapter 13 of "Microsoft Windows Vista Administration"

    Because mobile devices are so prevalent and important to the enterprise, Microsoft has developed a number of tools for managing portable computing devices into Windows Vista. This chapter describes the functionality that Vista brings for mobile devic... 

  • Managed mobile services

    In this managed mobile services series, Dan Taylor examines managed services for device management, email, enterprise applications, and cellular telephony. It concludes with a best practices guide. 

  • Mobile data services development trends in 2007

    The wireless industry is evolving faster than ever and easy-to-use interfaces will allow extremely powerful data services on the network to be delivered to the handset user. In this column, Darrell Jordan-Smith takes a look at new data services archi... 

  • Future-proofing the network: A case for flexibility in the wireless enterprise

    This white paper by MobileAccess Networks addresses the question, "Is your network sufficiently flexible and future-proof?" It discusses how emerging technologies and applications that improve workforce productivity require flexible pipelines in orde... 

  • National Instruments overcomes geography with in-building wireless solution

    Like many organizations today, National Instruments was experiencing inadequate cellular coverage due to poor geography and weak signals from external cellular towers. This case study explores the in-building wireless solution that provides National ... 

  • Mobile security policy overview

    Defining a mobile security policy is an essential step towards reducing business risk. This series will help you formulate and enforce an official mobile policy. 

  • The 2006 Mobile Impact Award winners

    The prestigious Mobile Impact Awards honor leading enterprises for successful and innovative deployments of mobile enterprise solutions that successfully balance technology investments with business objectives. 

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  • Virtual Home Environment (VHE)

    In mobile computing, the Virtual Home Environment (VHE) is the concept that a network supporting mobile users should provide them the same computing environment on the road that they have in their home or corporate computing environment. 

  • Five steps to mobile unified communications

    In this interactive podcast, Michael Finneran and Kara Gattine count down the top five tips that communication pros need to know when investigating a mobile unified communications (UC) solution. 

  • Podcast: Extending the network to the mobile workforce

    In this podcast, Jack Gold and Kate Dostart count down the top five tips that mobility professionals need to know when it's time to extend existing applications to mobile devices to improve worker productivity. 

About Successful Mobile Deployments

Successful mobile deployments depend on many factors and the first order of business is creating mobile strategy that aligns to your business objectives. In this topic section, mobile managers will learn how create mobile policies and strategies that help ensure your mobile deployment is successful. Read the latest tips and advice for mobile device upgrades as understand the critical considerations that can make or break your mobile deployment.