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  • Bringing BYOD to your enterprise

    Bring your own device (BYOD) can be a boon for both employees and enterprises, but clear policies and management tools are needed. 

  • Developing and instituting corporate mobile device policies

    As enterprise mobile connectivity becomes increasingly pervasive, IT organizations face the challenge of creating mobile policies that allow users to be productive, while at the same time protecting corporate assets. This series is aimed at helping e... 

  • Mobile security policies

    Mobile security policies are necessary for a safe mobile environment. In this series you'll discover three key elements that are essential to your mobile security policy and learn how government regulations affect what is required in your policy. 

  • Navigating platforms for mobile applications and devices, with expert Craig Mathias

    Many choices confront IT managers when selecting and deploying smartphones and mobile platforms. Craig Mathias, principal with Farpoint Group -- an advisory firm specializing in wireless networking and mobile computing -- is no stranger to how overwh... 

  • Mobile management: Advice for mobile managers

    This series on mobile management lays out the key issues for enterprise management, mobility management, and device management. It delves into such topics as mobile architectures and processes, mobile-specific management solutions, carrier mobile dev... 

  • Mobile security policy overview

    Defining a mobile security policy is an essential step towards reducing business risk. This series will help you formulate and enforce an official mobile policy. 

  • Revisiting mobile policy in the enterprise

    If you haven't revisited your mobile policy lately you could be putting your organization at risk. And if you don't think you need one because you don't use mobile technologies you need to think again! After one material breach, one significant event... 

  • Compliance in the mobile enterprise

    Most enterprises rank mobility and mobile worker solution deployments within their top five initiatives for the next three years but few companies have recognized, however, that the very mobile devices they deploy to enhance worker productivity and i... 

  • Products of the Year 2005

    You are invited to submit your company's mobile product(s) to be considered for our Products of the Year awards. Winning products will be highlighted in a special feature on in January 2005. 

About Mobile Policies

Learn how to successfully manage and control mobile devices with the resources in this mobile device policies topic section. Learn how to create a mobile device policy and understand the key ingredients that every mobile device policy must contain. Get the latest information on mobile device policies and get tips on implementing mobile device policy best practices.