Mobile Device Security

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  • Virus onslaught sickens smartphones

    Mobile viruses are still somewhat of an unknown. They're out there, but they've only just begun. What are they, what do they do, and what can you do for protection? 

  • Understanding wireless security

    Craig Mathias, in his debut column for, concedes that security is often seen as a roadblock to mobile deployment -- but it doesn't have to be. If you have end-to-end security across your entire network then wireless security... 

  • Survey exposes lax mobile security

    Executives say they worry about smartphone security, but according to a survey from The Economist and Symantec, their approach to the problem is often inadequate. 

  • Pointsec partners get security push

    In a move to bring data encryption and device security to the masses, Pointsec this week launched a new business unit focused solely on integrating security with partners. 

  • Mobile device security

    Protect your company's mobile devices against potential threats and learn about the risks and discover how to protect your corporate assets. 

  • Wireless Hacks, 2nd Edition: Hack 51 -- Track wireless users

    Hack 51 from Wireless Hacks, Second Edition, shows you how you can automatically keep a database of MAC-to-IP address mappings. 

  • Tools for securing mobile drives

    Information security expert Kevin Beaver outlines various security tools available for keeping your mobile devices secure when they're lost or stolen, as well as when a user loses data that has to be restored. 

  • Fixes in for BlackBerry vulnerability

    Attackers could exploit a security hole in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to block attachments or launch malicious code. 

  • 'Unwired' Series: Preventing danger on the rails

    A transportation firm uses wireless technology to keep the trains running on time. But securing mobile devices isn't easy when they're spread across the globe. 

  • Study: Office likely location for laptop lifts

    A recent study by Credant Technologies found the office to be the most common place for a laptop to be stolen, despite physical security measures. Of laptops that are filched, about 90% contain sensitive information.