Mobile Device Security

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  • Mobile devices: Business or personal property?

    Corporate data -- from company phone directories to confidential memos -- is floating around on devices outside the control of network and IT operations and management. In this column, Craig Mathias believes every enterprise must deal with the fact t... 

  • SMiShing (SMS phishing)

    SMiShing is a mobile phone security attack in which the user is tricked into downloading a Trojan horse, virus or other malware onto his phone. SMiShing is short for "SMS phishing." (Continued) 

  • Mobile GPS system virus could infect network

    A mobile GPS system shipped with a virus that could infect the corporate network. 

  • Mobile phone spyware -- it's here

    Mobile spyware has popped up a few times recently. Researchers say it isn't time to worry -- yet. 

  • Mobile security -- Are antivirus and firewalls enough?

    Many organizations have deployed antivirus and firewall software solutions to protect their mobile devices; but are they enough? Learn how a dedicated hardware solution could help you tackle the ever-increasing threats to your organization's mobile d... 

  • Smartphones, PDAs left in cabs at alarming rates

    Mobile devices are frequently being left behind in taxis despite warnings to protect them and the data they hold. 

  • Mobile security, compliance falling short

    Mobile security and compliance safeguards are nowhere near the levels they should be, according to recent research by the BPM Forum. 

  • mobile VPN (mobile virtual private network)

    A mobile VPN is a networking configuration that enables mobile devices such as notebook computers or personal digital assistants (PDAs) to access a virtual private network (VPN) or an intranet while moving from one place to another... (Continued) 

  • Direct Push security questionable

    Email received via Microsoft Direct Push, while encrypted over the air, is stored in an unsecured state, prompting some mobile experts to declare it a flaw. 

  • Locating a lifted laptop

    Everyone focuses on what to do if critical data is stolen, but what about the costs and headaches involved when the physical device goes missing? Absolute Software solves that problem with its 'LoJack for laptops.'