Mobile Device Security

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  • Mobile security: Protecting your data, not just your devices

    As mobile devices become more common, protecting the data stored on them becomes a primary concern for the enterprise. Fortunately, mobile operating systems now include security features that enterprises can use to enforce corporate policies. In this... 

  • Securing your Windows Mobile devices

    Until recently, Windows Mobile devices lacked the native management and security capabilities long associated with BlackBerrys. Many third-party device management and security solutions were (and still are) available for Windows Mobile. However, Wind... 

  • Prevent mobile malware: Learn how to protect your enterprise and devices

    Mobile malware has grown increasingly malicious and financially motivated and you can't let it catch you off guard. In this series, Lisa Phifer explores the history of mobile malware and explains how it can sneak into the back door of your enterprise... 

  • Podcast: The truth about network security and mobile device access

    In this 10 minute podcast, Lisa Phifer and Kate Dostart engage in some 'Fact or Fiction' to dispel some common misconceptions about network access, authentication, control, and over-the-air security for mobile laptops, PDAs, and smart phones. 

  • When will attackers go mobile?

    Mobile malware has not been the great threat that many independent security experts have predicted, but they still predict the threat will come. 

  • New challenges in mobile device discovery

    Controlling what devices connect to your network is crucial, whether those devices are local or remote, stationary or mobile. Many enterprises use application portals, mail servers and/or VPN gateways to restrict mobile access, complemented by IPS to... 

  • Quiz: Mobile Device Security -- Who else can hear me now?

    Mobile device security and compliance regulations can be as hard to pin down as a strong connection for your smartphone. Test your knowledge of risk areas and compliance rules in this quiz from 

  • Mobile device security: Guarding the gate

    Over-the-air synchronization for handheld mobile devices can expose the enterprise network, but using proper policies to police activity can help ensure a secure network. 

  • Mobile voice encryption gets cheaper, easier to do

    KoolSpan's new TrustChip technology could spark interest in mobile device voice encryption with its smaller form factor, ease of use, and low price. 

  • Top mobile tips of 2007

    We made our list and checked it twice. These tips represent the most popular topics on in 2007. You'll find tips and advice on topics like Apple's iPhone, mobile security, mobile management and much more.