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  • Enabling mobile business applications: A strategic approach

    This expert lesson will cover how to develop an overall strategy for mobilizing business applications and how to tailor them to your specific needs. Learn about the most common roadblocks and how to devise a plan that will avoid problems in your appl... 

  • Mobile applications: Making anywhere access a reality

    Mobilizing applications has a number of costs and benefits associated with it, as does any strategic initiative your company undertakes. In this series, we'll discuss a framework for evaluating the costs inherent in mobilizing users and applications,... 

  • Trends in mobile computing

    Enterprise mobility is driven by the need for seamless access to information anytime, anywhere and from any device. However, mobility has far-reaching effects on the enterprise in areas such as security risk, use policies, manageability and governanc... 

  • Mobile device upgrade strategy

    Determining when and how to upgrade your mobile device arsenal is a challenge many mobile managers will face this year. When upgrading your mobile devices, you must consider both return on investment (ROI) and associated risks, such as downtime and s... 

  • Mobile device management: Leveraging existing investments

    A growing number of corporations make significant investments in products to enable their help desk and IT personnel to maintain and manage enterprise resources such as servers, desktops, laptops, applications and networks. These management products ... 

  • Company outsources telecom expense management and saves big

    As wireless costs increase, many companies are looking for ways to better manage their telecom expenses. One construction company decided to outsource its telecom expense management and saw its phone equipment and wireless service expenses almost cut... 

  • Mobile field service business solutions

    In developing a case for a mobile solution in field service, this white paper discusses the business areas positively influenced by wireless job dispatch applications and the ROI developed. It identifies areas where changes may be required within a c... 

  • Prepare to converge

    Convergence has been a big story for some time -- whether it's the coming together of communications and IT or of voice and data, the result is a raft of opportunities for organizations to reduce costs, improve efficiency and offer better service to ... 

  • Motorola offers new Voice over Wireless LAN smartphones

    SAN FRANCISCO – Motorola Inc. launched the first phase of its end-to-end enterprise mobile computing product line, Total Enterprise Access Mobility (TEAM), at VoiceCon this week. The initial product release, TEAM Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLA... 

  • Wireless rate negotiations: How to get the best deal

    Wireless negotiations require preparation. Companies must assemble the right team to assess their needs and form a bargaining strategy. With the right game plan, a company can save as much as 50% on mobile voice and data. 

  • 3G iPhone pilot: CIO ready to dump his Windows Mobile smartphones

    Analysts say it's too early to get a real sense of whether enterprises are adopting the 3G iPhone, but they say there is plenty of buzz out there. At least one CIO at a medium-sized manufacturing firm has had a successful pilot with the device. He sa... 

  • Mobility support and strategy are finally priorities in 2008

    data from Forrester Research suggests that large companies are finally ready to formalize mobility support and corporate mobile strategy. 

  • Smartphones encourage users to work longer hours

    A survey by Nucleus Research on the productivity impact of mobile devices found that employees with smartphones tend to work longer hours. 

  • Web 2.0 applications infiltrate enterprise mobile devices

    Why are mobile business 2.0 applications coming onto mobile devices? This article gives business cases for implementing apps on enterprise handhelds as well as precautions needed when incorporating them into your network. 

  • Scared of a BlackBerry shutdown? The cost to switch could be equally terrifying

    Even with the looming threat of a BlackBerry shutdown, it may be more cost-effective to wait it out, considering that a switch to a new mobile e-mail service could cost a bundle. 

  • Rethinking mobile strategies

    Analysts at this week's Mobile Business Expo say it time to rethink our mobile strategies. Getting data -- wirelessly throughout an enterprise's workforce and not just to a few select executives is the key to success. 

  • The sweet sound of lower handheld TCO

    One researcher says managed devices can lower TCO by 15%, and a mobile management vendor claims its latest update can extend existing management tools for use with handhelds. 

  • Weighing the costs of device management

    Wireless devices may be getting less expensive, but the cost of managing them is rising. Before jumping into wireless network deployment, there are some things that cost-conscious companies need to know. 

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About Mobile Business Benefits

The business benefits of mobile technologies and solutions are often hard to demonstrate. The resources in this topic section will help you measure mobile business benefits, the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) from mobile devices, technologies and solutions. Discover how mobile devices like smartphones, cell phones, netbooks, laptops and notebooks can help you improve employee productivity and help your bottom line while giving you a competitive edge.